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Save The Rohingya



What’s the Cause about ?

As Many of you are aware of the growing crisis happening with Rohingya Refugees leading them to flee Myanmar. Act of Goodwill, Inc is taking a different approach to help families ( widows and orphans ) who have fled to Bangladesh. We will shift them to a nearby city where they will receive 2 years of Free Housing (rent will be paid on their behalf), Free Food (a stipend will be given to the local supermarket on a monthly basis) and above all FREE EDUCATION to both the Children (School Fees will be paid for 2 years upfront) and Widows (Vocational Training will be provided) to ensure she becomes Self Sufficient.

Why IT Matters ?

It has WORKED BEFORE AND WILL WORK AGAIN !!! We have had experience with this and have observed successful result when Act of Goodwill took on a similar project with Syrian Refugees who fled to Greece and Turkey. We feel our funds are better utilized when we target it towards helping specific families rather than dividing it amount 100s of thousands of Refugees which will maybe provide few days of relief rather than long term relief for few families.

How The Funds will be utilized ?

The best part about Act of Goodwill, Inc is that it has NO OVERHEAD COST! 100% of Donations will go towards the cause. We will Personally travel and visit Rohingya Muslims, ensure the funds are utilized and provide documentations of funds being utilized to all the donors.




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