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Act of Goodwill, Inc is not your typical 501.3c Federally approved nonprofit organization, is there for anyone and everyone who needs help. Its core values are to ensure we are there for each other in good and bad times. Act of Goodwill is geared to help people of all walks of life, hoping to restore hope in humanity and show that if we all work together, we can truly become a Force 4 Good.

We are different than any other non-profit organizations for our community helps people of all walks of life, disregarding their race, color or background. We strive to give 100% of our energy towards the success of the cause with every one of us in the organization working as volunteers. Furthermore, the Act of Goodwill, Inc is the only platform that doesn’t charge any Platform Fee’s.

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150-28 Grand Central Parkway Briarwood
New York 11432
+1 212-380-6324

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